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"I've been an actor for over 50 years, albeit with considerable time off for other endeavors.  Over the last 5 years I have been trying to launch my '3rd Act', but not until I started working with Rob and become a member of the 'Actor's Space' family have I truly felt myself to be in a state of readiness, and as we know, readiness is ALL.  Rob is helping me to chip off the rust and get focused on the man I am now and what it is I have to offer.  An invaluable community, and a great teacher."  


Jason Culp

Working for decades in a business you learn that you age into and out of parts. I realized something was shifting for me, and I wanted some guidance. Rob has helped me understand the changes and develop them. He is able to see what is going on inside an actor, whatever their age, and guide them to being their best. He empowers actors. I don’t think I have ever been in a more supportive and exciting learning environment. I know I am prepared for opportunities as they arise. Thanks Rob!


Deb Snyder


I arrived in Rob’s class over two years ago with virtually no acting experience. Now, I’m SAG-Eligible, signed to a boutique agency, and regularly auditioning. The self motivated pace of An Actor’s Space has encouraged me to take my development into my own hands and focus on the skills I want to improve. The single greatest lesson I’ve learned from Rob’s class is the belief in my capabilities as a performer. Additionally though, the social network of my classmates has provided an invaluable collective knowledge to inform me about the nuts and bolts of acting as a viable career. As for Rob himself, his breadth and depth of experience provides an anecdote or a parable for any situation we find ourselves in as young actors, and he offers wise counsel as to how to move forward. His no nonsense approach to acting simplifies the craft into its constituent parts: be a real person reacting truthfully to a moment in time and space. Rob’s specialty is identifying what type of instruction each student best responds to, whether that’s tender words of affirmation, or tough love like a varsity football coach. Every approach though, is always accompanied by a wry smile and a sardonic quip that reminds you of something he already taught you.

Mason Bosworth


Rob truly creates a space for actors to work, experiment, and push themselves. This isn’t a workshop, it’s a space to grow and learn and practice the craft without having to worry about failing or being judged. You will fail, but you’ll also learn. Rob’s notes are direct, honest and at the end of the day, always encouraging. I, like a lot of actors, tend to think the sky is falling at all times. Rob does a good job of keeping the sky in perspective by listening and giving practical advice for the working actor. One of my favorite things about the class is that it’s structured in a way where you get what you put in. You can choose your own adventure with guidance from Rob and encouragement from the entire class. I leave every week feeling re-energized and excited to get back up on stage and do it all again. 


Josh Simpson

Rob helps break down actors' work and brings their artistry to flight. Supportive and with a lifetime working actor career under his belt, he has the unique ability to transform actors into confident working professionals. Every aspect of the craft and the business is unearthed and investigated. I have been a working actor for forty-eight years and I am thrilled to discover there is always more for me to learn. I can't do this alone and I'm lucky and grateful to have Rob to guide me.


Allan Wasserman


The class is a wonderful creative place as an actor, writer and director.  He has created a supportive and safe environment to challenge your needs as the artist, along with maneuvering through the business world. 


I was looking for a place to create and find my voice again, this class has re-lit the fire in a safe and supportive environment.


Gedde Wattanabe ....:)


My career and enthusiasm had plateaued, and I came to Rob’s class looking to reignite the spark for acting. With his method, instruction, and honesty, I’ve been able to find my joy and unique voice again and the freedom of the ongoing class has helped rebuild and strengthen my acting tool belt. He won’t let you hide from yourself.


Jolene Kay


Rob has transformed my work with an attention to being present, and an encouragement to always start with myself. These philosophies have shaped my confidence as an actor and as a person. And the community within the class fosters creativity and collaboration outside of it. Thanks for being such a great mentor, Rob. 


Collin Chute


Rob has been my acting coach for 5 years and has really improved my technique and audition skill as an actor and prepared me to work

Terrance Wentz


I'm lucky to have found such a loving and supportive community in this class. Rob consistently challenges me to be present and to live fully in the unknown, moment-to-moment world. I'm definitely a stronger, more receptive actor as result of this class and I've made some great friends along the way.


Olivia Castanho


When I joined An Actor's Space, I had the intention that it was going to make me a better actor. However, I found over the years that Rob's real goal is for actors to find who we are as individuals so we can bring that best version of ourselves to every performance. With finding THAT, I became a better actor! Thanks a million.


Omar Adem


In one class Rob identified what was getting in my way and started helping me to chip away at it. Today I feel like a completely different actor with unlimited potential to grow and explore my craft! 


Isabelle Gronlund


Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm is my foundation class and I couldn't be more excited. Rob has really been a guiding light in my growth as an actor. Working with him made me find clarity in my choices and I have found his "Moment to Moment" acting style super helpful in staying connected, open and honestly, to the relationships around me. When I go up to work he's always on my side and I love hearing his notes. He creates an environment where creativity can flourish and Where My Creativity as an Artist can develop, with our goals in mind, to cause an Impact in my professional Work. I'm very grateful for his class.


Anthony Potter


I go into auditions now with the core-belief that I already have everything I need, and a powerful set of techniques at my disposal. My overall happiness as an actor and especially the increase in my booking rate  are undoubtedly a direct result of Rob’s class and guidance. 


Allie Parker

Debbie Pollack.jpg

Every time I walk out of an audition where I knocked it out of the park I have a little voice in my head that says "thank you Rob Brownstein".

Debbie Pollack


What I like about working with rob, in his class, is that he doesn’t teach a specific technique. He thoroughly listens on all levels, as he’s getting to know your work, and can help address weaknesses and harness strengths. There’s not a cell of bullshit in his body when it comes to his passion for acting.

Trevor LaPaglia

Shyaam T-Shirt.JPG

Being in class with Rob has built a newfound sense of confidence in myself and what I bring to my performances. I see the freedom and fun in acting more than ever! 

Shyaam Karra

Robert Nash.jpg

Rob’s unlike any teacher I’ve ever come across, he’s real simple in his approach, he cuts through the overwhelming amount of technique we’re taught and encourages you to just be. All the issues I was looking to address he had very simple answers which all made perfect sense and has been at the center of my process since. He’s excellent at identifying what you need to explore in order to progress and has ways to help you get there as well. Now I have everything I need, I just need to keep working and exploring what he’s given me.

Robert Nash

Andrew Liberty.jpg

The most caring and insightful teacher I've ever had.

Andrew Liberty

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