Thursday Class


The Pandemic

Gedde Wattanabe in a reading of THE SHADOW BOX at The North Hollywood Library

Rob shooting another Episode of 911

Gedde Wattanabe starting rehearsals of ASSASSINS at East/West Players


Rob shooting 911

Sammi-Jack Martincak starring in a film - details to follow

Josh Simpson booked a guest star on the DAVE.

Josh Simpson doing a comedy fundraiser at Comedy Central

Rob shooting a film BLONDE

Allan Wasserman in THE SPANISH PRAYER BOOK at The Road Theatre Company

Sammi-Jack Martincak shooting a Nissan spot

Anna Lore starring in a Hulu film MY VALENTINE

for Into The Dark

Collin Chute, Olivia Castanho, Sammi-Jack Martincak shooting a short film LATE NIGHT SWIM written and directed by Collin Chute

Terrance Wentz shooting a national commercial

Olivia Castanho signed with BrickHouse Talent

Sammi-Jack Martincak booked an AT&T spot

Shyaam Karra booked a recurring role on THE  L WORD

Gedde Wattanabe shooting DISAPPOINTMENTS, a web series

Shyaam Karra shot a Comfort Inn spot

Oliver Muirhead shooting FULLER HOUSE

Allan Wasserman shooting a new TV series GONE HOLLYWOOD

Anna Lore shooting an XFinity spot

Gedde Wattanabe directing a short

Allan Wasserman doing VO on 2 Netflix shows

Allan Wasserman shooting a USC Grad Short

Henry Noble shooting BETTER CALL SAUL

Rob shooting an Apple spot

Olivia Castanho shooting a fit-modeling job

Jolene Kay doing VO on a Netflix show

Oliver Muirhead on BROOKLYN 99

Allan Wasserman doing a reading of WHITE NIGHTS at The Road

Rob cast in ANNE, A NEW PLAY at the Museum of Tolerance

Gedde Watanabe shooting a pilot PERFECT HARMONY

Anna Lore shooting her recurring on DOOM PATROL

Terrance Wentz shooting a VERIZON commercial

Jolene Kay doing MoCap on CALL OF DUTY

Allan Wasserman doing stand-up


Terrance Wentz shooting COOL KIDS.

Omar Adem signed with Panache Management

Sammi-Jack Martincak on NCIS.

Rob in VELVET BUZZSAW on Netflix

Terrance Wentz shooting an AT&T spot

Jessica Kinney doing stand-up at The Federal

Terance Wentz standing in for Kareem Abdul Jabbar on BIG BANG THEORY

Bianca Tatiana shooting BAD BOYS 3

Rob in a Service Now commercial campaign

Jolene Kay shooting a Toyota and a Cigna spot

Foundation Class


The Pandemic

Trevor LaPaglia in a reading of THE SHADOW BOX at The North Hollywood Library

Travor LaPaglia shooting more DISAPPOINTMENTS


Allie Parker shooting a LIVING SPACES commercial

Allie Parker shooting a short film

Sierra Nowak shooting a co-star on LUCIFER  

Ericka Bernabe shooting a commercial

Sierra Nowak shooting a supporting role in THE GROUPIE KILLER for Lifetime

Trevor LaPaglia booked a web series COMFORT COOKING

Anthony Jan Potter signed commercially with TGMD

Sierra Nowak shooting a YouTube web series TOLLBOOTH

Trevor LaPaglia booked a DESCOVY spot

Anthony Jan Potter booked a film

Trevor LaPaglia starring in a web series DISAPPOINTMENTS 

Isabelle Gronlund won Best Actress Award at the May 2019 Indie Short Fest for FOLLOWING KANIKA

Allie Parker shooting a film LOYALTY

Marco Da Silva shooting a short

Allie Parker shooting a film IN LOVE AND GREED

Marco Da Silva shooting a Dodge spot

Isabelle Gronlund shooting a film

Marco Da Silva shooting a Netflix show

Allie Parker shooting a film THE PILOT, A DANCER AND THEIR CHILD

Frank Rubio shooting a film

Trevor Palia shooting a film VOODOO MACBETH

Trevor Palia booked a web series

Allie Parker shooting a USC Grad short CHASING THE SUN

Anthony Jan Potter shooting a short film

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