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  • Rob Brownstein

Why Study Acting?

I was part of a seminar once called  "Why Study Acting?" And somehow the conversation got around to networking - going to events, meeting people in the business, being seen, etc. While those things can certainly have an impact, when the moderator came around to me, I said that I think the best networking you can do is to be really, really good.

Yes, you have to manage your career - find work, get agents, managers, casting directors, producers, directors to see you, and today you have to have some sort of social media presence. No, it isn't easy. Or fair. Was it ever? Not to mention all the economic, political, social and technical issues and developments going on in our world and in our business causing huge changes at an ever increasing and faster rate. It's a lot.

But if you're really good, that will take care of an awful lot of that. Being good is the foundation of a career. All artists, athletes, musicians, dancers continue to study and practice throughout their careers. Doctors have to do continuing education to keep their licenses. And many other professions. That's why you study and continue to study acting whether it's in class or with a coach. Because when you're good, people notice. And then they start to look for you instead of the other way around.

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